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  • Date : 17:00~20:00, November 10, 2017
  • Itinerary : CECO(Venue)-Night Sightseeing of Changwon City-Farewell Dinner


Jinhaeru is traditional tower of Korea which is placed near Jin-hae sea. Jinhaeru is the representative place of lovers with its romantic night view.


Anmin Hill

Anmin Hill, which is located in tae-baek dong, Gin-hae Gu, has 9km of length. There is cherry blossom festival in spring and you are able to enjoy beautiful night view in autumn and winter.


Machang Bridge

The 1.7km-long, dual two-lane bridge joins the cities of Masan and Changwon in the southern part of Korea. It provides a vital link across Masan Bay to relieve traffic congestion and shorten commuting time.